Brazilian films and projects selected by the San Sebastián Film Festival 2019

Data: 19/09/2019



PACIFIED  (Pacificado)
Brazil | 2019 | 120 min | Fiction

Tati, an introspective 13 year old girl struggles to connect with her estranged father, Jaca, after he is released from prison in the turbulent wake of the Rio Olympics. As Brazilian Pacification Police battle to maintain a tenuous occupation of the surrounding Rio favelas, Tati and Jaca must navigate the clashing forces threatening to derail their hope for the future. Born of a seven-year creative collaboration between the community of ‘Morro dos Prazeres’ and writer/director, Paxton Winters, Pacificado / Pacified offers a bracingly intimate portrait of a family trying to find peace in the ever-shifting urban battlefield they call home.

Director: Paxton Winters
Production Companies: Reagent Media, Protozoa Pictures, Kinomad Productions and Muskat Filmed Properties
Sales: Twentieth Century Fox



Sep 24     9:00am   Victoria Eugenia Theatre
Sep 24   12:00noon   Kursaal 1
Sep 24     7:00pm   Kursaal 1
Sep 25   11:00pm   Principe 7
Sep 26     3:45pm   Principe 7




SPIDER  (Araña)

Chile, Argentina, Brazil | 2019 | 105 min | Fiction

Chile, the early 1970s. A violent far-right nationalist group is looking to overthrow Allende’s government. Amid the fervor of crime and conspiracy, group members Inés (22), her husband Justo and their best friend Gerardo pull off a political crime that changes the course of history. Entangled at the same time in a dangerous and passionate love triangle, the shadow of betrayal will forever separate them. That is, until 40 years later when revenge and obsession compel Gerardo to jumpstart the nationalist cause of his youth. But Inés is now a powerful businesswoman and as the police monitor Gerardo and his growing home arsenal, she will do whatever it takes to keep him from revealing her and her husband Justo’s political and sexual past.


Director: Andrés Wood
Production Companies: Wood Producciones, Bossanova Films and Magma Cine
Sales: Film Factory

Sep 24     9:30pm   Kursaal 2
Sep 25     8:15pm   Antiguo Berri 6
Sep 26     4:00pm   Trueba 2
Sep 27   12:00noon   Trueba 1







Brazil, France, Spain, Belgium | 2019 | 130 min | Fiction

The story of five Cuban political prisioners who had been imprisoned by the United States since the late 1990s on charges of espionage and murder.



Director: Olivier Assayas
Production Companies: RT Features, CG Cinéma, Nostromo Pictures
Sales: Orange Studio

Sep 27     9:00am   Victoria Eugenia Theatre
Sep 27   12:00noon   Kursaal 1
Sep 27   10:15pm   Kursaal 1
Sep 28     8:15pm   Principe 7
Sep 28   11:00pm   Antiguo Berri 2







LITERATURE TEACHER  (El Maestro de Literatura)

Argentina, Brazil
Director: Diego Lerman
Production Companies: Campo Cine and Querosene Filmes


STREETS OF GLORIA (Ruas da Glória)  

Brazil, France
Director: Felipe Sholl
Production Company: Syndrome Films


THE CARDINAL (El Cardenal)

Chile, Argentina, Brazil
Director: Benjamín Ávila
Production Company: Storyboard Media



Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, México
Director: Mariana Rondón
Production Companies: Sudaca Films and Eirl




HILDA’S SHORT SUMMER  (Las Vacaciones de Hilda)

Uruguay, Brazil | Fiction

Hilda is a solitary woman who lives in the town of Concepción and who deliberately breaks the ties of any kind of affectionate relationship with those in her immediate circle. Her life is interrupted by the news that the son she hasn’t seen for years is coming to visit. Thus start the preparations to improve her house and her image, both of which have deteriorated in recent times. As the date approaches, her son cancels the visit and postpones it indefinitely. Now Hilda must live a summer in the past.
Director: Agustín Banchero
Production Companies: Tarkiofilm and Arissas Multimidia




Brazil | Fiction

In the middle of a soy field, Madalena, a trans woman, lies dead. In a poor neighborhood, Luziane lives with no great expectations about the future, while she helps her mother at work. In a gated community on the other side of the town, Cristiano tries to prove to his family that he is capable of taking care of his father’s soy plantations. In a creek, Bianca and other trans friends process their grief for Madalena as best as they can. Though they don’t know one another, Madalena’s spirit, hanging over the town, forms a bond between them. Debut film.
Director: Madiano Marcheti
Production Companies: Pólo Filmes and Raccord Produções


THE PATHS OF MY FATHER (Os Caminhos do Meu Pai)  

Brazil, Poland | 2020 | 100 min | Fiction

Trung, a truck driver who travels constantly in North Vietnam, learns that his mother-in-law has been taken to hospital and that he has to take care of Vy, the 10-year-old daughter he hardly knows, since she’s been raised by her grandmother. His next trip is already booked and, despite being loath to take his daughter with him, he has no option. Trung and Vy are forced into each other’s company on an emotional journey between two generations on the roads of North Vietnam: her first and his last. Debut film.
Director: Mauricio Osaki
Production Companies: Dezenove Som e Imagens and Kraków Film Klaster 





Brazil, Portugal, Argentina
Director: Michael Wahrmann
Production Company: Sancho&Punta



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