Cinema do Brasil heads for Berlin

Data: 7/02/2019

A delegation of 50 representatives from 40 Brazilian audiovisual companies is participating in the 69th Berlinale program.

The European Film Market, (EFM), one of the most important audiovisual market places in the world, is taking place between February 7 and 15, during the 69th Berlinale. Once again, Cinema do Brasil is taking part, with a delegation 50 Brazilian film professionals representing 40 companies. It is organizing seven market screenings of feature films and documentaries from various Brazilian states, exploring the diversity of film production in the country.

Cinema do Brasil has participated in the EFM since 2007, organizing events and developing strategies to promote Brazil’s image abroad and create new opportunities for the Brazilian film industry. Cinema do Brasil is an export promotion program run by the São Paulo State Audiovisual Industry Association (SIAESP) in partnership with the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil). The program is supported by the Brazilian Foreign Relations Ministry (MRE) and the Brazilian National Film Agency (ANCINE).

Cinema do Brasil’s stand in the Gropius Bau pavilion, the main venue for market promotion activities at the EFM, is hosting business meetings between the participating delegates.  A brochure with information on the delegates and their films and projects is being distributed and a specialized press agency is supporting the various activities organized by Cinema do Brasil at the event. As well as a range of events and exclusive meetings for the delegates, such as meetings with the World Cinema Fund and the Film Madrid Institute and co-production meetings with representatives from Colombia and Israel, Cinema do Brasil is also organizing market screenings for the EFM participants of seven films produced by the participating companies.

Cinema do Brasil started organizing its participation in the event last November. A specialized team supported delegate accreditation in the EFM, registered the films for market screenings and produced the printed brochure. The team also helped delegates set up their international meetings during the event and negotiated strategic partnerships for the delegates’ program. Cinema do Brasil also helped producers negotiate the inclusion of the selected films at the various events in the Berlinale.

According to Ana Letícia Fialho, Executive Manager of Cinema do Brasil, “When a company participates in one of these large audiovisual market events, such as the EFM in Berlin, it has a great opportunity to meet with the main players in the international market. Our schedule of activities and events aims to create the best possible conditions for exclusive and carefully-selected meetings with the market, offering our delegates a tremendous opportunity to generate partnerships and business.”

Check out the films being promoted at the European Film Market:

FABIANA, by Brunna Laboissière

Brazil | 2018 | 89 min | Documentary

Produced by Artemísia Filmes

Sales ZAG |

Feb 7   10:35 Parliament Studio



Brazil | 2018 | 75 min | Documentary

Produced by Yara Filmes

Distributed by Embauba Filmes

Sales ZAG | 

Feb 12   14:20 CinemaxX 13


MY OWN PRIVATE HELL | INFERNINHO, by Guto Parente and Pedro Diógenes

Brazil | 2018 | 82 min | Drama

Produced by Marrevolto Produções

Distributed by Embauba Filmes

Sales ZAG |

PETIT MAL | O PEQUENO MAL, by Lucas Camargo de Barros and Nicolas Thomé Zetune

Brazil | 2018 | 71 min | Drama

Produced by Barry Company |

Co-Produced by Avoa Filmes and Fratura Filmes

Feb 11   12:40 CinemaxX 15


LONG WAY HOME  | TEMPORADA, by André Novais Oliveira

Brazil | 2018 | 113 min | Drama

Produced by Filmes de Plástico

Sales FiGa/Br | 

Feb 12   11:00 CinemaxX 14


THE BIG MATCH | CU DE BOI, by Belém de Oliveira

Brazil | 2018 | 80 min | Documentary

Produced by F64 Filmes |

Feb 11   11:00 Parliament Studio


THE BOAT | O BARCO, by Petrus Cariry

Brazil | 2018 | 72 min | Drama, Fantasy

Produced by Iluminura Filmes

Sales ZAG | 

Feb 12   13:00 CinemaxX 13


Note: the market screenings at the EFM are restricted to accredited market representatives.

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