Berlinale 2019 – 12 Brazilian films in the festival’s selection

Data: 1/02/2019


Film: Greta. Photo: Aline Belfort


11 feature films and 1 short film, breaking a record in the amount of feature films selected

The film industry is getting ready for Berlin: from 7th to 17th February, the 69th Berlinale, one of the most important film festivals in the world. This year, Berlinale will bring the French actress Juliette Binoche as chair of the jury and the drama The Kindness of Strangers, by the Danish filmmaker Lone Scherfig, will be screened in opening night.

In the last months, the festival was releasing film selections at each of its 11 sections. Brazilian cinema, once again, has gained attention with 12 films selected, including 8 films from producers associated with the Cinema do Brasil program, distributed in 3 different sections. The amount of feature films has set a record in recent years.

The Brazilian highlight is in the Panorama section, curated by the Spanish producer Paz Lázaro, 45 films were selected from 38 countries, including 34 world premieres, among which there are 29 feature films, 16 documentaries and 19 directorial debut films.

Brazilian cinema appears in the Panorama list with 5 films: Greta, by the director Armando Praça, with Marco Nanini, Denise Weinberg, Démick Lopes and Gretta Sttar in the cast; two documentaries Waiting for the Carnival, by Marcelo Gomes and the documentary La Arrancada, by Aldemar Matias, a co-production between France, Cuba and Brazil; Brief History of the Green Planet, directed by Santiago Loza, also co-production of the Brazilian producer Anavilhana with Argentina, Germany and Spain; and the film Divine Love, after the international (world) premiere in Sundance, it will have its European premiere at Berlinale. Divine Love was directed by Gabriel Mascaro and it is also a co-production between the Brazilian producer Desvia with Uruguay, Denmark, Chile, Norway and Sweden.

Another section of Berlinale with prominent Brazilian films is the Forum, which aims to look at the history of cinema from the point of view of contemporary cinema. Among the selected Brazilian films are: Homing, directed by Helvécio Marins Jr., co-produced by Muiraquitã Filmes with Germany; Landless, directed by Camila Freitas whose sales agents is the Brazilian company FiGa Films, as well as the film The Blue Flower of Novalis by Gustavo Vinagre and Rodrigo Carneiro. In the Expanded section of the Forum, there is The Rehearsal, by Tamar Guimarães.

The Generation section, which focuses on films that take young people seriously in their narratives and their cinematographic languages, has selected the Brazilian film Your Turn, by Eliza Capai.

The Berlinale also has room for short films, among them the film Rise, by Barbara Wagner and Benjamin de Burca, a co-production between Brazil, Canada and the United States that is in the short film competition.

One of the latest titles announced was the film Marighella, directed by Wagner Moura with Seu Jorge in the cast, premiered in the official Competition selection out of competition.

Check out the list of selected movies below:


COMPETITION (Out of Competition)

Marighella, direção Wagner Moura (O2 Filmes)



Breve historia del planeta verde (Brief Story from the Green Planet), directed by Santiago Souza, coproduction Brazil (Anavilhana), Argentina, Germany and Spain

Divino Amor (Divine Love), directed by Gabriel Mascaro, coproduction Brazil (Desvia), Uruguay, Dinamarca, Chile, Noruega e Suécia

Greta, directed by Armando França, production by Carnaval Filmes

Estou Me Guardando para Quando o Carnaval Chegar (Waiting for the Carnival), directed by Marcelo Gomes, production by Carnaval Filmes

La Arrancada (On the Starting Line), directed by Aldemar Matias, production by Formiga de Fogo Filmes



Querência (Homing), directed by Helvecio Marins Jr, coproduction Brasil (Muiraquitã Filmes) and Germany

Chão (Landless), directed by Camila Freitas, production by Trotoar Filmes

A Rosa Azul de Novalis (The Blue Flower of Novalis), directed by Gustavo Vinagre e Rodrigo Carneiro



Ensaio (The Rehearsal), directed by Tamar Guimarães



Espero tua (re)volta (Your Turn), directed by Eliza Capai


SHORTS – Competição

Rise, directed by Bárbara Wagner and Benjamin de Burca

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